Shit People Say to Sex Workers

“Why do I have to pay for this when I can torrent it?”

“I really like what you do but I don’t see the value in tokens.”

“Hello madam I love you very much bb please marry me”

“What do you mean I have to pay for it?”

“Oh Mistress please give me a session, is $5 enough? What can I get for $5? Please?”

*dick pic*

“Can you put a shoe on your head?”

“Hi my gf and I think you’re hot, let’s have a threesome?”

“Would you swallow my tiny body whole for $1,000,000?”

“Oh I thought you’d send me nudes for free.”

Weeks 5 & 6: Cinched Coach

I have started personal training people again. And by people, I mean person.

I always enjoyed being a coach, I just hated sales, which was what they required from all trainers at the shitty corporate gym I worked at.

This means I will have my exercise library updated at all times since I am training this person twice a week. Plus, I am able to fit an 8fit routine while waiting for them to arrive at the gym.

In terms of food, I am doing okay with the help of MyPlate except for the buffet we had for the birthday of two family members. It has also become apparent that we have too many carbs (Asian problems) and too little protein.

I have also been having less anxiety at night and can comfortably waist train in my sleep as well as throughout the day.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, here’s all my receipts.

It’s Okay to Discuss Anything… Except Whiteness???

A Tale of Whites Who Watch “Guessing who’s what kind of Asian?” Whites: Ok “Guessing who’s got what tattoo?” 
Whites: Ok
“Guessing who’s a sex worker?”
Whites: Ok
“Guessing who’s white?”

For people who mock social activists, ya’ll so offended (or in your own ableist words “triggered”) when someone brings up how whiteness (and the term Caucasian) is a construct to make yourselves “better” than PoC.

The term “Caucasian” originated from a growing 18th-century European science of racial classification. German anatomist Johann Blumenbach visited the Caucasus Mountains and proposed that they were created in God’s image as an ideal form of humanity.

Whiteness was not always invented in opposition to chattel slavery. As the newly invented whites pushed West, they were reinvented in opposition to the existence of other people inconveniently on the land the newcomers believed God had ordained to them as their destiny.


Week 3: Overtraining

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

I spent the last two days doing heavy weight lifting and then one day vigorous swimming for an hour.

I don’t know if it’s because I take too many supplements but I according to MyPlate, I don’t drink much water if any.

I can’t pull the info since I am not a paying user but with the app, it feels like I barely drink 2 glasses a day.

I had 3 soluble paracetamol, a lozenge and 2 glasses of cooling herbal drink.

On the bright side, before I became ill, I found that my corset from Hourglass Angel does stretch my back out into a better posture.

Here’s to a better week ahead.

Week 2: Skinny Fat is Real


This week has been a bit of a low for me. When I was at the hospital for my psychiatric check up, they drew my blood and there was a chunk of lard-like substance in flowing out of my vein and into the syringe.

You see, this is why that one bitch and her sheeple are WRONG for saying I need a cheeseburger. Trolls who fat shame should also get a reality check. There are people out there much heavier and curvier than me who are much healthier than I am (see Jessamyn Stanley & Roz the Diva).

I got myself some items to fix my cholesterol issues:
-meal replacements
-cod liver oil
-coconut oil

I will also get myself to do more vigorous cardio and weight lifting. The latter isn’t as hard as the former to me, I managed 45 minutes of weights to the point of exhaustion today. I dislike cardio with passion, counterproductive for a former tennis player, I know.

Right now I installed an additional app to assist in this journey called MyPlate. I will still use 8fit, I just need another app to record food (a paid 8fit feature).

I am hoping this will help me with my constant dehydration!

Lastly, I’ve integrated BCAAs with my workouts to help me recover quicker especially after intense weights.

If you’re reading this, thank you so much for being a part of my journey. It makes me happy when someone reads my written blog, it means the world to me.