An Introduction: How I started waist training

Hello everyone, or anyone who is reading this anyway…


My name is KathTea Katastrophy but you can call me Kath. I am at present time of writing a full-time personal trainer / fitness instructor, a part-time model and aspiring corsetiere.

Let me tell you about my journey through corseting. It isn’t very well recorded but all I know for sure is that the real addiction truly began at age 19 for me and continues to grow… tighter and tighter the corsets are laced.

“Why corsets?” one wonders. I actually wanted to be a Suicide Girl when I was 16 after I saw them on CSI: NY. Back then throughout my teenagehood I tried time and again to ask for help and advice on becoming a model on online forums. I was (and still am) a fan of America’s Next Top Model. Needless to say, a majority of the the “answers” I got was this:

“You’re too short. Become an actress.”

Then ole’ 5’2″ me learned that SG was supposed to be the best representation of alternative models.

Over time I learned that there was more to it than that.

I discovered Mookychick next and also Roswell Ivory, who writes for the site.

I became a writer too.

Corsetry resources were available there as well and I was quite curious about the entire thing.

But I had yet to venture into it.

Late 2011, I learned of Anita De Bauch and her upcoming modelling guide. With her help and advice, my piercing and tattoo counts stopped at one each. Goodbye to wanting to be a human canvas. But I could act as a “sculpture” though (artistic nude modelling).

I still ached to be different and I had the itch for body modification.

Then voila, corsetry came my way…

I was a complete n00b though.

All I know was that I wanted less of a boyish figure (Anita apparently had one pre-corseting) and a curvier waist.

My chunky 19-year-old ruler body…

Then, my first corset from Corsets-UK!

OMG “curves” said newbie me… Mighty quads are model’s own 😉

Undoubtedly there WAS reduction. But only 2″. No more than that felt possible. Despite the corset being 24″. I was 29″ at the time. I know the corset isn’t meant for training but wow, the silhouette (or lack thereof) is terrible.

Read my full review here.

Later, I got my first REAL waist training corset in the size of 24″.

Photo by Edwin Goh of AGE Studio

To be completely frank, 24″ might have been too “big” for me to see much difference in waist size minus the corset.

But I was new and I did have to start somewhere, get comfortable with wearing a properly sized corset FIRST.

Read my full review here.

 In reality, my body was very much still mostly how it was. Scoliosis (mildly) and boyish.

Photo by Gary Lee of AGE Studio

Photo by Gary Lee of AGE Studio

I can say however that corsets has allowed me to maintain good posture as a habit. When I was still juggling with serious depression during my teen years, my post-rehab (for scoliosis and supraspinatus tendinosis) height of 157cm kept dropping back to its “original” 154cm. The corset helped prevent that from happening.

Later on, early 2012, my choice to move on to a 22″ corset has proven to be fruitful.

With constant wear during work hours, about 8 hours a day and occasionally wearing my 24″ to sleep, my waist size temporarily went down to 26.8″ (from a starting size of 29″) directly after removing the corset.

Today, my waist remains 26.8″ most of the time. I don’t always wear my corset. Some days I take “breaks”. Now some days I even wear either of my 22″ ones to sleep.

Back in March, there was a smooth fitting silhouette on my dress and no puckering.

Photo by Chris Fowler

Wearing the 22″ Wild West Cincher by Jill Hoverman. Photo by Chris Fowler

Wearing the 22″ Green Fairy Eco Corset. Photo by Chris Fowler

So what’s next for me?

I currently have two corset patterns to work on, a corsettted garter belt which I shall alter into an underbust garter corset and a yet to be received 1894 Short Summer corset.

I am STILL trying to finish paying off my new Desert Orchid corset! If you wish to help me, click here to see how…

Additionally, I am also in-line to model Green Fairy Corsets’s Fairy Boss Mother, one in leather and the other in PVC, the Fairy Mistress in silk and lastly another eco-training corset in a dramatically smaller size.

Another corset in the works: a corset vest by Jill Hoverman, using some rather unique prints!

There will also be an amazing corset by Sparklewren which is planned for January 2013.

Not sure if I am able to order anymore corsets in 2013 as I intend to visit Amsterdam to model Jeroen van der Klis corsetry! Unless I get a fair amount of paid modelling work soon or my day-job does well.

My next corset (the Desert Orchid) will be 19.5″. Wish me luck in lacing it to its max!

PS: Not only my waist shrunk, but my underbust as well… Strange eh? Or normal?


4 thoughts on “An Introduction: How I started waist training

  1. I had no idea there was anything like scoliiosis rehab! What do you do? I’m a corset fan with scoliosis too, and I’m worried about going smaller as I’m unsure of what the effect would be on my curve.

    • Oh, sorry for the late reply! I’m going slowly as time passes. One side of my body feels extra pinched compared to the other when I lace very tightly that’s for sure D:

    • What Katie Did but off their eBay page. They no longer produce these though. I can sell them to you if you want! I wore them over another panty for the shoot and never wore them elsewhere.

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