So me being the silly masochist and impatient little girl I am, I decided to try wearing my NEW Desert Orchid Corsets at 4-5 inch reductions.

The result isn’t pretty.

Pulling at the seams! YIKES!

Thankfully it isn’t too terrible, though that thought me well. JUST because I can handle a tighter cinch, DOES NOT mean your corset is ready for the stress!

YES, always ALWAYS break in or season your corsets before tightlacing them.

Aside from the teeny tiny tears in the fabric, I have also found marks on my body that lasts for days.

I’ve resorted to aloe vera to get them to heal without scars so come what may. (DON’T HURT YOURSELF) 😛

If you want to learn the basics of seasoning your corset, here’s a Lucy’s Corsetry advice and education classic:

In the mean time, take it easy on your corsets alright? Give them about 2 weeks of “orientation” before throwing a party… if that makes any sense ;P

I’m in the process of making a bit of repairs on my poor babies now, so take this as a lesson!!!

Lots of tightly laced love!



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