CLARIFICATION! Updates and redirecting…

Despite what was written on the December 1st update on

I do not own a youtube channel under the name of bishonenrancher!

That belongs to a lovely lady named Lucy that looks like this:-

Lucy of Lucy's Corsetry (bishonenrancher)

The lovely Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry (bishonenrancher) looking great in red 😀

I, KathTea Katastrophy, look like this:-

Yes, I actually don’t always wear corsets. Problem?

So aside from the fact that we wear similar sized corsets (20″ at smallest to 24″ in our pudgier days) and we have a great love of sharing our experience with corsetry as well as making them (though I am very much an amateur still) we are completely different people.

She loves growing her hair gloriously long and Rapunzel-like which I do admit I envy. I, however, prefer to cut as much of my hair as possible (thinking of shaving even) and while I do enjoy brushing my hair no matter what the length, I have gone days without brushing.

I am a Chinese-descent Malaysian national. She’s Jamaican-Canadian.

She has 3000+ fans on Facebook and an active Youtube channel. I have almost 900 fans on Facebook and a half-arsed Youtube channel.

Anyway, anyone interested in seeing more “real time” updates from me should follow my Facebook fanpage:

In the mean time, do know that I am currently trying to find out what has happened to Jill Hoverman as she has taken my 50% deposit and gona silent on me 😦

I also have an 18″ corset from an etsy corsetiere whose prices are quite reasonable for people on a tight budget 🙂

That’s all for today I suppose!



PS: Updated calendar.


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