Baldness & Wishlists

Hello lovelies, in case you haven’t been following my fanpage (or Instagram or Tumblr) you may not know I have already gone bald for the Year of the Snake!

Here’s my “new clothes for a New Year” outfit.

Additionally, just so you know, I have a wishlists on Amazon. One is a giant jumbled mess.

Then I have a few works-in-progress categorized as “Corsetry & Collars“, “Latex & Kinkiness“, “Lingerie & Stockings” and “Clothing & Costume“.

Gifters would get a 8×10” print of myself with a personalized, autographed, kissed, thank you note!

Or if you’d rather donate to a charity, here’s one I hope you can help out:

Sidney Eileen is a great mentor in the corseting community and a great artist however Lyme’s disease has threatened to hurt the quality of her life.

Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year everyone and hope you’re doing well 🙂

Photography by Melvin Khor; Corset by Waisted Creations

Yours sincerely,




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