Scoliosis + Corsetry Resources

Hey all! Sorry for the short hiatus, just started on a new day job on Monday so I am STILL trying to get everything together.I have a fascinating little report to make soon, should be done this weekend. Happy discoveries, can’t wait to share it!

Anyway, I have often been asked about advice regarding corsetry and having scoliosis so here are some personal favourite resources! (will update in time, in case more information is found)

This man used a cheap Vollers overbust and observed some drastic changes with maintenance but do not he adds exercise to the routine too to strengthen surrounding muscles.

-“I have scoliosis with a 35 degree spine curvature. Will a corset help me?”

Scoliosis, ribcage shaping

Corsets & Scoliosis Support

Corsets & Scoliosis: My experience


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