Day 6: How uneventful

Not much anecdotes to share for today really.

After all I woke up at 3pm (like a champ, not!) while corseted in my Josephine overnight, which means definitely way past 12 hours of waist training.

I had my “breakfast” (which was leftover cake from last night, hey, don’t judge me, my sis read that it’s okay to have something sweet to start off the day to curb cravings later on) and then helped my dad flavour (and kind of “fix”) a stew he had cooked up. I think he attempted to wake me up at around 1pm but I must have fallen back to sleep.

Fun fact: My family uses my palate to flavour things they cook up, apparently I know how to make things taste better. 😛

I had my Josephine on for most of whatever was left of the day and took it off later in the evening.

Most of my day consisted of getting my client’s corset done.

Curves! Hipspring! I am a happy camper XD

Notice I didn’t put up a picture of myself in the Josephine. I feel that there’s going to be little progress in the images since I have it closed or nearly closed most of the time now.


I’ve put this on from 11pm to 12am with a wider gap since I didn’t want it to turn crooked.

I’m going to being changing into the Josephine again right after this.

That’s all for Day 6!


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