Sorry for the lack of updates.

I’ve been trying to complete my client’s corset before I leave for my trip to Singapore because from the 13th onwards, I am going to be ridiculously busy.

13th -15th I’ll be modelling in Singapore.
17th – 24th I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur for a convention.
28th is the grandfather’s 100th birthday dinner and my cousin’s baby’s Minnie Mouse themed birthday party.
1st of January will be my 22nd birthday party and my parents want to spend some quality time with me at our favourite Italian gourmet restaurant.

I revived the blog thinking I would have time to update this daily.

But in reality, that’s too time-consuming for me.

I won’t be abandoning the blog but instead of daily updates, I’ll be making this every other day or weekly (when I am away).

I do have some progress pictures on my PC. I managed to get extremely tiny squished waists, which makes me happy 🙂


Click the image for a clearer view!
I can manage a squished waist of 25″ and even 24″ with just a measuring tape!