On Donating Pads to Homeless Folk…

Someone on Tumblr said that pads and tampons are luxury items that homeless people don’t need and that it’s a feminist agenda…wtf?


They claimed that all homeless “fertile women” should just use WASHABLE PADS or menstrual cups. Little do they know that not everyone has time to wash pads everyday. In the “Menstrual Man” documentary, a man finds his wife’s unsanitary rags because pads were too expensive.

You cannot wait more than a day to wash pads, that shit DYES EVERY FABRIC IT TOUCHES. As for cups, some people have discomfort with insertions, maybe they’re asexual, maybe they’re trans guys, MAYBE SOME PEOPLE JUST CANNOT USE TAMPONS AND CUPS.

My biggest issue with this Tumblr ass is that they want cis men in homeless shelters to receive as many items as these pads homeless vagina-wielders are getting. I’m sorry bruh, some people just SHED BLOOD 7 OUT OF 28 DAYS A MONTH. Equality isn’t about giving candy to everyone. It’s about filling in.

Adapted from this thread: https://twitter.com/kathteamonroe/status/906898048537706497


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