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4 thoughts on “Click Me?

  1. Hi Kathtea. I have the exact same curve as you only a bit worse. I had surgery when I was 11 where they fused my spine at the curves to hopefully stop the progression ( that was 29 years ago). I have a custom corset from Lucy and love it but I find if I try to close the bottom of the corset with the same gap as the top my low back and hips start to hurt. Do you ever have that problem? And do you have any of your old corsets that you are selling by chance since our curvatures go the same direction? 🙂 just wanted to check. It stinks being so short waisted but I’m hoping with a smaller waist over time it won’t look as “blocky”. But I need to find a way to waist train more hours of the day and avoid the hip pain. Thanks for your time!

    • Firstly, I’m sorry that I never noticed nor replied to this comment! I don’t know how that happened.

      To answer you question, yes, I tend to feel that the hip and lower back is a common problem area for me, which is why I tend to favour cinchers or underbusts that end on the higher hip.

      Another way to cope with tightness at the hip is something I picked up from Lucy. I add 1″ to my high hip whenever ordering m2m.

      I just sold off a few of my used m2m corsets in the past month, so once again, I am SO SORRY for the delay in replying!

      However, in the mean time, just stay tuned to my modelling page and my sale album.

      I am always trying new corsets so I will always be adding to the album every 2-3 months or so. 🙂

    • I get all my corsets from various companies in various parts of the world e.g USA, UK, Canada.

      I honestly don’t know any genuine steel boned corsets sold in Singapore, however, I am based in Malaysia and I do provide corsetmaking services under the name Katastrophy Korsets.

      Unfortunately, I am not taking any custom orders at this present time. I do provide ready-to-wear corsets for beginners (light reduction) at Kooky by Katastrophy.

      You may see the range available in the link given:-
      Kooky by Katastrophy

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