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Week 3: Overtraining

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

I spent the last two days doing heavy weight lifting and then one day vigorous swimming for an hour.

I don’t know if it’s because I take too many supplements but I according to MyPlate, I don’t drink much water if any.

I can’t pull the info since I am not a paying user but with the app, it feels like I barely drink 2 glasses a day.

I had 3 soluble paracetamol, a lozenge and 2 glasses of cooling herbal drink.

On the bright side, before I became ill, I found that my corset from Hourglass Angel does stretch my back out into a better posture.

Here’s to a better week ahead.

Hourglass Angel Waist Trainer: Week 1

I am in okay shape at the moment but I am aiming to gain more muscle and flexibility over the next few months in partnership with the folks at Hourglass Angel.

Right now I am doing a combination of exercises by 8fit and heavy weight lifting.

I am also looking into a combination of fat burners and BCAAs when I am able to get a hold of them.

Additionally, I am doing my best to eat as clean as possible.

See you next week 🙂

Week 2: Nature Day Breast Enhancement Liquid (NSFW) [I FORGOT TO POST]

Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Nature, Inc. All opinions are my own.

My breasts are very slightly bigger feeling (even though I am not PMSing) but not big enough to get a bigger bra.

I’ve also experienced a bit of heatiness while taking the supplement orally so I began applying it directly to my breasts instead.

I am checking with the company to see if they suggest their creams and soaps instead.

I don’t believe in giving bigots a “chance”

…or being the “better person”.

Seems very hypocritical of me since I talk about “Buddha & the Angry Man” a lot. But I am not a Buddhist, soooooooooooo…

Here is an adaptation/immortalization for a thread I made on Twitter after watching Ask A Mortician and made the mistake of reading the comments:

Bigot: *passes judgment on people’s gender, sexual identity, etc*
People: *makes a joke about Trump*

For reference, this was a thing in the youtube comments section where MERELY mentioned funeral industry being (mostly) Republican…

Someone pulled the “I’m not a Republican but” and claimed people need to stop being mean to Republicans. I don’t see why it isn’t fair game.

Republicans have tried to stop people from getting the healthcare they need, they tried stopping marriages, family planning and refuge.

If Republicans can go as far as drawing Michelle Obama with a penis as a JOKE, why shouldn’t we be able to laugh back at their mistakes?

Week 4..? Change in format and the beautiful outdoors.

If you saw my last post about Natureday, you may have noticed I started marking my images with dates instead of weeks.

Here are the 8fit exercises I have done.

The free exercises for beginners have begun looping and I get bored with repetition so I have upgraded my program to the intermediate level. I CAN DO THIS, I WAS AN ATHLETE!!

I also attempted the last routine outdoors. My clothes seem to make my asymmetry more obvious. Now I am aiming for a stronger core to support my imbalance rather than mainly correction.

Picture for this week.