Casual + Budget Vintage Figure Ideas

I know some of you can’t afford a proper corset or just want a few days off at a time like myself.

One way you could create a gentle nipped waist silhouette is by pairing longline bras and high waisted panties.

ASOS leopard print lingerie set.

ASOS leopard print lingerie set.

30B and UK10.

30B and UK10.

Pictured here is my ASOS leopard print longline bra and high waisted panty. The longline contains the muffin top from the panty.

I highly suggest looking for “high waisted knickers” and “high waisted panties” on places like ASOS and old Marks & Spencer stock on eBay UK.

You can also get those $0.99 ones off China shops but be warned that they’re usually high in polyester content so if you’re prone to yeast infections, they aren’t that great an idea, though you could always double up and wear a regular cotton panty underneath the cheap poly ones.

Pictured with a cinch clip

Pictured with a cinch clip

With an elastic belt

With an elastic belt

As you can tell, it isn’t super duper curvy but it’s way comfier than a rusty tubey knock-off or itchy faja.

If you like to sew, you can look up images of traditional shapewear knickers and girdles to create something form-fitting and comfy.

This particular undies isn’t that cinchy as it’s a gentle mesh fabric but I will try to obtain images of my other high waist panties in the future!

I weigh 20lbs (9kg) lighter, where to now?

As I am writing this, I weigh 52kg (114lbs). Well, tomorrow’s my monthly check-up at the hospital, maybe I’ll weigh less or more. I found out I hit 52kg (114lbs) just last month.

To be completely honest, I don’t think corsets were the main reason. However, corsetry was definitely part and parcel of the whole process. Like my dear friend Lucy says, the corsets are like running shoes. You can’t put them on and expect magic. You got to work with it.

As you all know, 61kg (134lbs) was my heaviest, back in May 2014, during the filming of Marco Polo.

Then there’s the suicide attempt and eventual change in meds, which was covered in my last post.

These days I get up around 9am and work on the last of my corset orders before I put Katastrophy Korsets on indefinite hiatus. I sleep around 10pm or 11pm, depending on whether I am enjoying a TV show with family.

I get 2-3 full meals a day and walk my dog at least once or twice a day. Occasionally, I take walks in the countryside to grab groceries.

I wouldn’t say I did a miracle program to get these numbers. Everything that led to this weight loss is a mixture of things.

I have the best friends in the world, Lowana, Lucy, Penny and Laysa are reminders of why I keep living.

The death of Christine, one year ago now, shook us and woke us all up.

Losing her was terrible, she was the mom of the group, whenever we needed advice, whenever we feel down, she used to smack us back to reality.

But after she left us, we had to turn to each other.

I won’t name names but some of us have saved each other from doing something rash.

Maybe it’s the feeling of near-death that changes things. Maybe it’s also actual death.

While not all of us have met each other in person, sometimes it feels like they’re physically there for you.

That’s what’s important.

I have also chosen to indefinitely retire from Facebook and Tumblr unless absolutely necessary. Everything there seems to be bringing me down.

Strangely enough, I was also away when the horrid news came, one year ago.

I am now lighter than I usually would be. Lighter than I originally intended to be.

I am virtually jobless, unqualified (without a diploma/degree) yet overqualified (no small job wants an English-speaking Chinese staff).

What do I do now?

I decided to pick up the 30-day Yoga Challenge as well as sell off a tonne of latexwear that no one wants me to model (though frankly, most of the bidders/buyers seem not to want to pay for their item).

I will start to focus on photographing and modelling more for GodsGirls and Cosplay Deviants, perhaps focus on rebranding Katastrophy Korsets as well.

That’s all I have planned right now. I will be job hunting still, hopefully something bites.

The difference is very slight. Also, shit lighting.

The difference is very slight. Also, shit lighting.

Waist training results: Before/After, 2012 to early 2015 (NSFW)

TRIGGER WARNING: May contain mentions of suicide and depression.

Now that I finally caught up with the last of my custom commissions and starting my RTW line in February, I decided it’s about time we have an update!

Let’s kick things off with waist training result photos, you can see them here on Lucy’s Corsetry blog.

Notice that the photos are about a couple years old. Well, let’s just say 2014 wasn’t the greatest year for me.

I had made the mistake of taking on too many commissions, all of which were bespoke (drafted from scratch, which is time consuming) and extremely low priced (my friend Amber of Lovely Rats gave me a good earful on why and how to price accordingly, thank heavens).

Then Marco Polo came around, I had forgotten my meds (for Bipolar Disorder) so I just bought Epilim, which was on my prescription and available in drugstores. I lacked my Seroquel still.

For some reason I went from around 58kg (sedentary lifestyle being a depressed shut-in) to 61kg, the heaviest I had ever been. I believe the irregular meals and constant snacking might have partially contributed to the weight gain. We were shooting for hours on end so we tend to miss the catering tent (which were only open for a few hours) and were constantly being fed by the PAs.

During my schooling days when I was tan and active in competitive tennis, I weighed 55kg. When I was a personal trainer, I weight anything around 48kg to 50kg.

On the 11th of December 2014, I attempted suicide and suffered memory loss, probably from stumbling about and hitting my head the day after the attempt while “high” on sleeping pills, according to my mum at least. I was then hospitalized on the 13th.

I would say that maybe, just maybe, that was a blessing in disguise. The doctor who treated me during my time there apparently was surprised at how long I had been on Epilim and has since prescribed Lithium Carbonate in place of it.

The only downside I can think of is the slight nausea (which is not often) and the fact I need constant blood tests due to its poisonous side effects.

Since the change of medication, I have dropped back down to 58kg and I no longer feel drowsy at night.

I promised photos, so here they are.

Photo taken in November 2014: Around 60kg, before my hospitalization. Photo by Mountain Beauties.

Photo taken in November 2014: Around 60kg, before my hospitalization. Photo by Mountain Beauties.

Photo taken in November 2014: Around 60kg, before my hospitalization. Photo by Mountain Beauties.

Photo taken in November 2014: Around 60kg, before my hospitalization. Photo by Mountain Beauties.


Photographed this month, weighing 58kg and feeling super!

Photographed this month, weighing 58kg and feeling super!

You know, I think 2015 will be great. 🙂

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Sorry for the lack of updates

Sorry I haven’t been updating much lately! This year has been quite a busy one.

From making custom corsets for clients to shooting/writing for Obscure Magazine, from acting in the upcoming Netflix original Marco Polo to shooting for Cosplay Deviants, GAH it’s so hard to keep up with myself.

Since Obscure Magazine won’t be accepting submissions for the time being, I will be writing for Gorgeous Freaks in the mean time and perhaps share similar articles with this blog.

I have a whole list of designers and brands to try out in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Small Bust Small Waist Review! Mimi Holliday Club Tropicana Silk Chiffon Comfort Bra

As you can tell by my modelling images, I have a very VERY small bust.

According to Bratabase, I would best fit a 30A (UK, I believe) a sizing that’s as accessible as a unicorn ride here in Malaysia.

As a result, I decided to go online to find that one perfectly fitting bra.

Do note that this is my very first 30A bra and I was exasperated that this fits oh so perfectly.


30A UK is also 80A France and 65A Europe

In the past, I usually had to settle for 32A-34B bras, usually with gores that dug into my sternum and cups that gape.

A majority of these bras were also heavily padded, which was something that, as I grew up, realize that it’s an aesthetic that I don’t necessarily want, especially for daily wear.

I found this Mimi Holliday Club Tropicana Silk Chiffon Comfort Bra new with tags via eBay for a fraction of its original price at £9.99 plus £5.00 for shipping via Royal Mail Airmail (Small Packets).

Mimi Holliday SS12-20 Club Tropicana Polka Dots Silk Chiffon Comfort Bra in 30A

Mimi Holliday SS12-20 Club Tropicana Polka Dots Silk Chiffon Comfort Bra in 30A

It’s possibly the most comfortable bra I have ever worn! They weren’t kidding when they called it a comfort bra!

No digging, no gaping, nothing.

As Ned Flanders would say, “FEELS LIKE I’M WEARING NOTHING AT ALL.”

Here’s how the bra measures up:
Stretched Band: 30.5″ or 77.5cm
Band Length: 24.0″ or 61cm
Cup width: 4.1″ or 10.4cm
Cup depth: 5.5″ or 14cm
Wire length: 7.1″ or 18cm
Cup separation: 0.8″ or 2cm
Gore height: 2.4″ or 6.1cm
Wing height: 2.8″ or 7.1cm
Strap width: 0.4″ or 1cm
Hooks: 1 row with 4 columns

The only “negative” thing I could possibly say about this is that Mimi Holliday has stopped producing 30A bras.

As a result, if you’re looking for a 30A Mimi Holliday, you would likely need to scout eBay and so on.

What do you think of this review? Is there anything about it that I could improve? Please let me know in the comments below!