August 14 – October 30: Scoliosis Rehabilitation Update

The lovely AlexaFaie said she noticed an improvement in my posture so I wanted to share my 8fit records that I have not blogged about.


Hourglass Angel Waist Trainer: Week 1

I am in okay shape at the moment but I am aiming to gain more muscle and flexibility over the next few months in partnership with the folks at Hourglass Angel.

Right now I am doing a combination of exercises by 8fit and heavy weight lifting.

I am also looking into a combination of fat burners and BCAAs when I am able to get a hold of them.

Additionally, I am doing my best to eat as clean as possible.

See you next week 🙂

How could I possibly donate to a wildlife rescue when people eat meat?


I love Huckleberry but to me it’s a crazy world where we can spend $30,000 on a beaver but still have institutionalized slaughter of domesticated species.

I found the vegan.
Just so to show you I am not just a troll, here’s why I think comments like yours aren’t exactly helpful.
Vegan diets are not something that everyone can afford to venture in, especially if you’re poor and not American. While finding vegan or vegetarian options might be as simple as walking to your local co-op for you, for most people it is simply not an affordable option. A ton of time, money, and resources is needed to prepare a completely animal by-product-free meal, and for folks who have kids, are working multiple jobs, have a disability, or don’t have access to resources in the first place sometimes it’s just not possible to do it all.
Animal rights and treatment weren’t a concern pre-westernization because animals were viewed as necessities. However, mainstream vegan folks that say if you are truly concerned with ending oppression, you will adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. For many indigenous communities in Canada, hunting remains one of their primary sources of food and fur for clothing and shelter. It’s fine if you have your own beliefs — just understand that historical and cultural context that you exist within, and realize that if you are not checking yourself, your anti-oppression efforts might end up causing harm to those with different identities than your own. You can be invested in animal rights or be veg(etari)an and choose not to be complicit or support organizations that uphold systems of power!
People like Temple Grandin work towards humane slaughter, which I wholeheartedly support.
Yet as a person in a developing country earning below minimum wage, I still end up eating what I can afford so I can survive, even if it means eggs from cooped up chickens.

On Donating Pads to Homeless Folk…

Someone on Tumblr said that pads and tampons are luxury items that homeless people don’t need and that it’s a feminist agenda…wtf?


They claimed that all homeless “fertile women” should just use WASHABLE PADS or menstrual cups. Little do they know that not everyone has time to wash pads everyday. In the “Menstrual Man” documentary, a man finds his wife’s unsanitary rags because pads were too expensive.

You cannot wait more than a day to wash pads, that shit DYES EVERY FABRIC IT TOUCHES. As for cups, some people have discomfort with insertions, maybe they’re asexual, maybe they’re trans guys, MAYBE SOME PEOPLE JUST CANNOT USE TAMPONS AND CUPS.

My biggest issue with this Tumblr ass is that they want cis men in homeless shelters to receive as many items as these pads homeless vagina-wielders are getting. I’m sorry bruh, some people just SHED BLOOD 7 OUT OF 28 DAYS A MONTH. Equality isn’t about giving candy to everyone. It’s about filling in.

Adapted from this thread:

RE: What the Health

The commentary below was posted on Evelyn from the Internets’ review of “What the Health”.

CW: graphic deaths described in point (d)

Often times these extreme vegan propaganda forget that
a) veganism isn’t new, most African and Asian cultures practiced vegetarianism early on, avoiding eggs, milk and honey does not make it trendy or superior
b) organic vegan farms require as much land if not more than livestock, due to lower yields thanks to lack of pesticides and fertilizer
c) just because your veggies are “made in the USA” or other developed countries does NOT mean it’s ethically farmed, often times these are farmed with slave labour conditions, poor Asian/Latinx people work 20+ hours a day with little or no pee breaks.

d) shock value isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if it’s true, for instance, a North Korean defector recalls seeing a family member or friend die of starvation before their eyes, flies begin gathering on their orifices or watching a mother eat her own dead child in a labour camp. Making children munch on cigarettes is a stupid metaphor to claim that eggs are as dangerous as them, which is far from the truth.

e) if you live in LA, it’s obviously an easier place to source raw organic gluten free vegan meals, that includes shopping for ingredients that fit the bill. But what about a family that earns less than $300 a month in Malaysia (my home)? Sure farms literally grow kangkung in drains but how many sources could we find here that is affordable, accessible, ethical AND vegan? I live near an egg farm and it’s not only accessible to us, it’s of extremely good quality and meets our protein needs. But everything else like tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, etc has to be imported, thus costs a lot more than our eggs, especially if one expects us to go both vegan and organic.

f) please don’t see this comment as an attack on veganism as a whole, just don’t treat others the way extreme atheists treat people who pray, if you can access and afford a vegan diet, more power to you. Meat and animal products are still essential to many people, thus the reason there are charities that dedicate themselves to sending goats, chickens and even bees to developing countries, so they can support themselves and feed their family. You cannot just send them seeds and expect them to yield anything as plenty of vegetables grow in specific conditions.

Week 3: Nature Day Breast Enhancement Liquid (NSFW) aka the boobs are happening

Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Nature, Inc. All opinions are my own.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am expecting my menstruation cycle to start any time now and normally I get to 30C/32B at most. This is bigger.

I am a little under 30D/32C according to my calculations.


My face when I saw that it nearly measured 34″.


The calculator doesn’t do halves or decimals I am afraid. That in-between lyfe.

The cons? I spent about 2 days recovering from mouth ulcers after a week of taking the supplement.

So make sure to get your cooling drinks, guilingao jelly and such ready. I had numbing anti-inflammatory lozenges against my ulcers and numbed my lips. Also hydration, which I am not great at.

I also took some off-brand nuBra selfies…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know I will never gain as much volume as implants or fat grafting but I am personally not ready to deal with my implants becoming petri dishes of infection (I bind) or my fats calcifying as false positives in mammograms. At most, I would do a 24-hour saline injection but no more than that.

I will keep updating my progress if-and-when possible until the last dropper is finished.

Week 2: Nature Day Breast Enhancement Liquid (NSFW) [I FORGOT TO POST]

Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Nature, Inc. All opinions are my own.

My breasts are very slightly bigger feeling (even though I am not PMSing) but not big enough to get a bigger bra.

I’ve also experienced a bit of heatiness while taking the supplement orally so I began applying it directly to my breasts instead.

I am checking with the company to see if they suggest their creams and soaps instead.