Geek & Sundry is unapologetically feminist, deal with it.

Adapted by this thread:

Every time I see a bigot in comments complain about feminist tabletop players, I am like “Ya’ll late to the party, do you live under a rock?”. have always been pro-equality anti-gamergate.

They’ve had many feminists on the show including  … If that bothers you so much, why are you even subscribed to G&S in the first place?

I enjoy because they do their best to be socially aware, with the exception of TB (which was frankly just an olive branch).

Kinda proud to get a hit by the lovely Ms Day too.
Screenshot_20170820-110746 felicia day


Let’s Say Men & Women in STEM, Not Just Women! (a commentary)

What appears to be a cis white male in The Brain Scoop comments posted this naive and idealistic statement.
Transcript: “The question “what do you think about women pursuing careers in science?” is an odd one for me… Like, I hear that question, and it bothers me. Because it’s a question we shouldn’t have to ask in friggin’ 2014. Gender shouldn’t make a difference in this day and age. It’s sad that it’s still like this! The question should be “what do you think about people pursuing careers in science?”. And hopefully one day that will be all there is to the question.”

My response?
Transcript: “You “we all bleed the same we’re equal” people seem to be white and male (based on your profile pic, apologies if I assumed wrong). Women in STEM are still not widespread.
Women still get paid less than men.
Black men still get paid less than white men.
Black women are still paid less than black men. Then there’s the matter of people who are on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum e.g non-binaries.
So on and so forth.

“it’s a question we shouldn’t have to ask in 2014” And we shouldn’t be saying it in 2017 either. Claiming we’re all equal in a day and age when a soap dispenser cannot see a dark skinned hand (meaning the inventors did NOT test their product on varied skintones) and that white men can march in Charlottesville with racist chants yet still have a job tomorrow.

The question you should be asking is HOW do we improve the situation instead of just thinking we’re now equal after Obama got elected (in the year you made this naive idealistic comment). Then in 2016, the neo-nazis elected their leader as president of the USA.

Just saying “oh we’re all human and equal” does not make racial and gender equality go away. Some resources for you to think about.”

I don’t believe in giving bigots a “chance”

…or being the “better person”.

Seems very hypocritical of me since I talk about “Buddha & the Angry Man” a lot. But I am not a Buddhist, soooooooooooo…

Here is an adaptation/immortalization for a thread I made on Twitter after watching Ask A Mortician and made the mistake of reading the comments:

Bigot: *passes judgment on people’s gender, sexual identity, etc*
People: *makes a joke about Trump*

For reference, this was a thing in the youtube comments section where MERELY mentioned funeral industry being (mostly) Republican…

Someone pulled the “I’m not a Republican but” and claimed people need to stop being mean to Republicans. I don’t see why it isn’t fair game.

Republicans have tried to stop people from getting the healthcare they need, they tried stopping marriages, family planning and refuge.

If Republicans can go as far as drawing Michelle Obama with a penis as a JOKE, why shouldn’t we be able to laugh back at their mistakes?

103 Lunar Years

My grandfather died, so I stopped updating the blog to take a break emotionally. Here is an adaptation to a thread I posted on Twitter.

My 103-year-old (Chinese Years) grandfather passed away and it reminded us that advance directives are important.

As far as my dad and aunt knew, he wanted a simple and basic Chinese funeral with as few rituals as possible. However, their half brother and their elder sister (who has lost a mother and all her children thus very full of grief).

They decided to run the funeral and chose not to include my dad and aunt who were younger than her but actually older than their half-brother. As a result, they got the “cheapest” funeral service that did not offer any food except for disgusting RO water and repacked peanuts. They DID NOT plan any actual food or drinks for family friends and guests.

Eventually it resulted in my nephew binging on peanuts and falling sick in the process. My aunt and dad had to buy actual food and drinks on our own so that our guests would not get dehydrated and gastritis.

Then there was the freeloaders from several Chinese associations who hang banners around the canopies. They proceeded to pester my family to pay them the equivalent of $1000-$2000 for shitty banners. These people were rude gangsters who acted like loan sharks.

If my family had actually hired a reputable funeral home, food, drink and hosting would have been handled. Instead we see busloads of strangers who were only there for free food, food that were meant for actual friends of my late grandfather and actual family friends. That funeral home was actually preferred by my grandfather when his first and second wives passed before him.

This cheap funeral staff were rude, chainsmoking and walking into our house with their shoes on while being defiant when told off. I am sad and embarrassed for my grandfather. If he organised his own funeral, this would have not been a disorganised disaster.

If my grieving elder aunt had not let her half-brother and sister-in-law take advantage of her and played cliques, my other aunt and father would have planned the event according to my grandfather’s wishes within budget.

This feels more like Game of Thrones than a family reunion. My aunt claimed that they wanted to pack doggy bags of food BECAUSE SHE DID NOT WANT TO WASH PLATES. When my younger aunt provided actual food, my siblings and mum did the dishes.

Elder aunt did not even think to ask for help from us! We’re family! A family of 10 or so children of my grandfather with many more now adult children! Why couldn’t she have ASSIGNED TASKS? Say “this family gets catering, this family does the dishes, etc”.

We were struck by grief, that is true. But this was a time for our family gets to gather and catch up. Instead it became a battle for meaningless power and being cheapskate.

PLEASE anyone reading this, learn from my family’s mistakes. Plan for your death and don’t let superstition make it a scary taboo topic.

Week 4..? Change in format and the beautiful outdoors.

If you saw my last post about Natureday, you may have noticed I started marking my images with dates instead of weeks.

Here are the 8fit exercises I have done.

The free exercises for beginners have begun looping and I get bored with repetition so I have upgraded my program to the intermediate level. I CAN DO THIS, I WAS AN ATHLETE!!

I also attempted the last routine outdoors. My clothes seem to make my asymmetry more obvious. Now I am aiming for a stronger core to support my imbalance rather than mainly correction.

Picture for this week.

Week 1: Nature Day Breast Enhancement Liquid (NSFW)

Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Nature, Inc. All opinions are my own.

Ever since I started using breast pumps, I was able to increase my bust size from 30B/32A to 30C/32B.

However, I feel like I have since plateaued.

Thankfully, Nature Inc offered to help me out with their “Express Plan”.

Fulfillment, as it’s called, is a dropper supplement that lasts 3 weeks.

First impressions of its flavour is that it’s very herbal tasting, after all it is 5 kinds of herbs that boost breast growth.

I tried it with juices twice and chocolate malt once, neither hides its strong flavour.

It also makes me heaty, as they say here in the traditional Chinese medicine. I have a tendency to get a sore throat upon ingesting the liquid. 

Over time you’ll see me fluctuate between 32″ and 33″ in the bust line.

Overall, I am hoping that my bust size gets past 33″ and beyond without risking invasive and expensive surgeries.